Designing Dreams Flooring & Remodeling in Folsom & Granite Bay CA

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Flooring installation


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Complete the circle with flooring installations

Without a doubt, professional flooring installation are the gateway to a beautiful floor. With a kind of alchemy, an expert installation team transforms the piles of materials into an attractive, cohesive floor. Designing Dreams Flooring and Remodeling has been offering this kind of installation excellence for over 30 years to our customers in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Roseville and Greater Sacramento Area.

To ensure that each of our customers has the best installation experience possible, our installers attend clinics and workshops offered by manufacturers and industry organizations.
Flooring installation in Folsom & Granite Bay CA

Getting ready for your flooring installation

If your flooring needs special installation considerations, we will go over this with you ahead of time. These following suggestions apply to most installation scenarios
  • Arrange to be home during the installation; you may be needed to make last minute decisions
  • Keep pets and children away from the installation and the work vehicles – for everyone’s safety
  • Clear the area of furniture, furnishings and appliances; if you have propane or natural gas appliances, they must be disconnected and reconnected by a professional
  • Remove the old flooring and dispose of it
  • Clean the sub-floor
  • Clear an area adjacent to the installation where the installers can work
  • The installation and work areas will need power, lighting and access to water

You need to note that hardwood flooring and some laminates need to be delivered ahead of time to acclimate to the home environment.

Flooring installation day

When the installation team arrives, your home will be a hive of activity. We know that we are an intrusion and work diligently to correctly install your flooring and return your home to normal.

When the installation is complete, we will ask you to walk through and inspect your new flooring. If you see any spots that need adjustment, we will do so immediately. Visit our showroom in Folsom, Granite Bay, or call us today to talk about your flooring and flooring installation needs.

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