Buying new Rancho Cordova carpet flooring, is one way to bring new life to a home or building but spending $3M on renovations is yet another. Of course, most homeowners are not about to spend that much money but the company Pacific Castle least that is what we are being told about their plans for renovating a local retail area.

“A Rancho Cordova retail center is getting a makeover and some new additions. Pacific Castle, which bought Zinfandel Village and three other retail centers in the region last year, is planning to spend about $3 million to give Zinfandel a new feel.”

Source: Biz Journals, <a href="">Remodeling, additions coming to Rancho Cordova retail center</a> by Ben van der Meer.

Once this work is completed, Rancho Cordova residents will have a great place for shopping, something that everyone agrees is needed. But for the average homeowner or business owner, new Rancho Cordova carpet flooring is an affordable way to get their own property facelift.

There are many reasons Rancho Cordova carpet flooring is a good investment. For starters, consumers can find just about any color tone and style of carpeting they want. With so many design options available, it is easy to create new looks for any space, big or small. Second, Rancho Cordova carpet flooring is one of the most affordable investments homeowners and business owners can make today. Price points are available to fit just about any budget. And, of course, installation is easy as well. When all things are considered, Rancho Cordova carpet flooring truly is a good way to invest in property to increase its value as well as bring a fresh look to the place.

The bottom line is that while big companies can spend big money on their renovating plans, consumers do not have to follow suit. Carpet and flooring stores such as Designing Dreams in Folsom, CA, have the types of Rancho Cordova carpet flooring that homeowners and business owners are looking for, and have that new flooring at prices that will not displease or shock.