Hello Friends! So glad you decided to stop by this week! I don’t know about you but over here, at Designing Dreams Flooring and Remodeling, we have been busy! And when we say busy, we mean it in a good way. Let’s face it! We are all ready for a change and a bit of good news! So many of you have called our showrooms in need of estimates and design advice, not only for kitchens or bathrooms remodels, but especially for flooring, which is why we decided flooring would be the topic of our blog this month.

Though it does not have to be, flooring can be confusing because there are so many choices. When you meet one of our team members, we will likely begin by asking you about your likes and dislikes, not just in color but also in materials and the feel you are trying to accomplish. We will also ask about your lifestyle because it is a big consideration in selecting the proper flooring material. And let’s face it, there are so many types of flooring and manufacturers that even our own heads are spinning at times!

Hardwood flooring from Designing Dreams Flooring & Remodeling in Granite Bay, CA

The trend these days is to remove all carpeting and install some type of hard surface. When we say hard surface, most of the time in our area we mean engineered wood, solid wood, tile, natural stone, or luxury vinyl planks. If you are in the carpet industry, you’re probably going to sigh. Please don’t! We still have plenty of use for carpeting, which we will discuss later.

Let’s start with wood as there is nothing like it to bring warmth and a sense of timeless design to a home. Wood can be engineered or solid. In our area, we sell and install mostly engineered hardwood but this does not mean we cannot use solid hardwood. Solid wood just tends to be more expensive and most of our clients appreciate that engineered hardwood tends to be more water resistant than solid hardwood because of its plywood construction, which allows it to be more stable and not as susceptible to warping. Disclaimer: it is not waterproof! When you enter our showrooms, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of choices in engineered wood we present, but we are very good at helping you find the right one for you.

Hardwood flooring from Designing Dreams Flooring & Remodeling in Granite Bay, CA

Tile is another hard surface that many homeowners consider when they want to get rid of their carpet. Tile comes in many colors and patterns. It can look like wood, stone or even like a beautiful cement tile you would find in an old home in Europe. The advantage of porcelain tile is that it is really difficult to damage. It is great for families who have a pool right outside the back patio, for example, because let’s face it, who wants to keep telling the kids and their friends to dry off before they use the inside bathroom! We have many clients who like the coolness of tile, especially during the summer heatwave we have had lately, and your pet will love you forever if you install tile. Heatwave, cold floors… yummy!

Luxury vinyl planks have also made a huge impression lately on homeowners. Once again, we have many styles and colors in the showroom for you to select from and we will guide you along the way. Yes “vinyl” is a little taboo but you need to forget about the old vinyl of the 1970s. The new generation in luxury vinyl planks is remarkable in performance and design. And since most of them these days are waterproof or water resistant, many homeowners select them as their top choice of flooring. Luxury vinyl planks look realistic, are water resistant, many are scratch resistant, and easy to clean. What’s not to like? Well… unless you prefer natural products like hardwood or natural stone, of course.

Hardwood flooring from Designing Dreams Flooring & Remodeling in Granite Bay, CA

This leads us to natural stone, most specifically travertine, limestone, marble etc. Some people say travertine is “out” but it is a matter of opinion, really. Natural stone has and will forever have its place in timeless design. If you have been fortunate enough to travel to foreign lands, you know many castles, for example, have limestone floors or marble floors that were installed centuries ago. And visitors walk on them and are still in awe because… they are timeless.

Lastly, carpet, as we mentioned before, is still prized for bedrooms because it is softer on the feet. Many of our clients select hardwood floors in the hallways, for example and carpet in the bedrooms and on the stairs. And carpet does not have to be boring and solid in color. In our showrooms, we have many patterned carpet that look gorgeous on stairs for that “wow” factor. Another big tendency is to install hard surfaces throughout the home and then to have us make area rugs for certain spaces, like a family room. Imagine a beautiful hardwood floor with a soft, shaggy carpet, custom sized to your family room. Love that!

In the end, flooring is an investment because it is something we use all the time but the cost does not have to be astronomical. So go ahead! Come and visit our showrooms! We will be happy to discuss your project and advise you on flooring selections appropriate for your lifestyle.

See you soon!
The Designing Dreams Team